August 5th, 2005:

July was a blast, i spent the last 2 weeks enjoying the nice weather. I went to tofino and took surfing lessons and also went to whistler and enjoyed a weekend with friends at a large cottage! Since then, I have been playing a little bit of catch up, as the realities of having 10 rental suites is catching up with me. I had 3 vacant upon purchasing my 2 properties, and 2 of my other tenants have since moved out. My property management company has rented 2 of the 5 vacant, but I am still stuck with 3 vacancies currently. I was still a little over extended from the purchase of the two properties in June, so these vacancies aren't helping much. So this month I will be doing some extra work on my companies and trying to hold back from the urge to start something new or purchase more properties until I can catch up a bit. I hope everyone is having a great august and takes the time to go out and enjoy some of the nice weather we are having!