June 13th, 2005:

This month I was doing a lot of running around, getting financing and miscellaneous paper work done for my possession date of June 3rd on both properties. On May 29th I went back to Winnipeg for possession and to do some small renovations to one of the suites in the duplex. Renovations included knocking down one wall, framing in a door, running a seperate circuit from the fuse box for the fridge, and putting down new linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom. While i was out in Winnipeg I also hired a new property manager and installed coin laundry in two of the buildings. I also noticed a great article in the Winnipeg Free Press on June 4th that made front page titled "Record House Prices". In the article it stated that in the month of May, over $198 million was spent on Winnipeg real estate completely shattering the previous all time record of $156 million that was established last June. I believe real estate will continue to go up in Winnipeg for the next few years, and I look forward to it!